‘Joe’, by David Gordon Green and starring Nicolas Cage, releases a new trailer


Over the course of his career, actor Nicolas Cage has effectively developed two sets of fans; those who admire his performance in movies such as Leaving Las Vegas, Raising Arizona, and Adaptation, and those who admire his performance in movies such as Vampire’s Kiss, Deadfall, and The Wicker Man. Fans of Cage’s first set were thus excited to hear of his casting in the newest drama from director David Gordon Green. Titled Joe, Gary Hawkins adapts the screenplay from the Larry Brown novel, and Cage stars alongside Tye Sheridan, Ronnie Gene Blevins, and Heather Kafka. A new trailer for the film has now been released, and can be seen below. Sound on Sight also did see the movie at TIFF, and our reviews can be read here, as well as here.

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By Deepayan Sengupta

There was once a time when I thought Scarface was the best movie ever made, and Home Improvement was appointment television for me. While I still have a soft spot for both, those days of naivete are long behind me, as I’ve subsequently managed to broaden my horizons. Ambition is the most important part of a movie for me; if it tries to do something unique, tell a well-worn story in a different way, or take on large themes in a honest manner, I can forgive many flaws. If there’s one movie fact I’ve learnt after all these years, it’s that Employee of The Month is to Office Space what fast food is to fresh fruit.

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