Konami announces new ‘Silent Hill’ game, possible reboot


Konami has dropped a bombshell with the sudden release of a new trailer for the Silent Hill series. Although the trailer doesn’t offer much in details pertaining to the actual game or its plot, it does offer some pretty big names that happen to be involved in the project.

First up is Hideo Kojima, the venerable mastermind of the Metal Gear Solid series, and a creative pioneer for the industry. Next comes Guillermo del Toro, the respected filmmaker responsible for Pan’s LabyrinthPacific Rim, and the Hellboy series. Finally we have Norman Reedus, best known for the cult classic film Boondock Saints and AMC’s mega-smash zombie serial, The Walking Dead,  apparently playing the main character of the new game via motion capture.

The trailer also reveals that the game will be powered by Kojima’s revolutionary new Fox engine, which should offer tons of new gameplay possibilities. This, coupled with the shift to next-gen consoles, will make for a Silent Hill that is quite literally like nothing we have ever seen. This notion is further confirmed by the tentative title of the new game, Silent Hills, a name that’s one consonant from the title of the 1999 original.

Once a flagship series for Konami, the Silent Hill series has been taking a pretty big beating over the course of its last few entries, both financially and critically.  However, putting a hit maker like Kojima, and some legitimate film talent behind the project should go a long way in terms of turning things around and returning the series to the glory days of its first three titles.

Check in with us for more details on the new Silent Hill(s) game to come.

By Mike Worby

Mike Worby is the editor of the Games section on Sound on Sight. A prairie-born fellow of the old Saskatchewan territory, he fancies himself a realist, expressionist, and humorist. During his daytime hours, he toils in the elements delivering construction supplies, while amid his evenings, he escapes into the endless vestige of the arts.

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2 Responses to Konami announces new ‘Silent Hill’ game, possible reboot

  1. Mike Worby August 17, 2014 at 8:46 am

    My mistake, I’ve edited the article to reflect that.

  2. Carlos albarran August 17, 2014 at 4:11 am

    Please check your facts before writing. Guillermo del Toro is mexican, not spanish.


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