Ricky D guest hosts on The AuteurCast to discuss Stanley Kubrick

Rudie Obias of the AuteurCast was nice enough to invite me on to participate in a review of Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing. I highly recommend our readers to take a listen. Here is the info.

In 1956, Stanley Kubrick joined with longtime producing partner, James B. Harris to make a film noir for the ages. “The Killing” followed the story of a group of men planning and pull off an elaborate heist at a racetrack. But while conducting the heist, small incidents add up to a fatal catastrophe. With sharp, witty dialogue and its non-linear story telling, “The Killing” paved the way for this young filmmaker.

What was it about Stanley Kubrick’s “The Killing” that made it a classic film noir? What was its ultimate influence on contemporary filmmakers like Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino? And how does “The Killing” hold up to modern general audiences?

Stanley Kubrick’s “The Killing” is the subject of episode 95 of the AuteurCast…

Click here to listen to the podcast!


By Ricky

Ricky D is the editor-in-chief of Sound on Sight and one of the hosts of the Sound On Sight podcast and the Sordid Cinema podcast. He is Sound On Sight's expert on Horror and contributes written reviews when time permits.

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