The Carrie Diaries, Season 1, Episode 5: “Dangerous Territory”

CarrieDiariesDangerousTerritoryThe Carrie Diaries, Season 1, Episode 4: “Dangerous Territory”
Written by Amy Harris
Directed by Norman Buckley
Airs Monday at 8pm (ET) on the CW

I Guess Those Band Camp Rumors Are True

First off the question on everyone’s mind, was that a clarinet? If so, what else was on that tape? Second question what kind of name is Kick? Carrie, your sister’s name is Dorrit. Not to worry though because this episode was chock full of the endearing teenage escapades and suburban sweetness (sweet compared to the drug introduced date rape, suicide attempt from last week) that shined through in the pilot. “Dangerous Territory” as some (all) may have guessed was about venturing into new realms both big and small. In Carrie’s case she meets a new guy, who introduces her to the upper echelons of Manhattan society. Mouse fires up the VCR to heat things up with Seth and daddy Bradshaw ditches that ring (well, he loses it. But still)

You can take the girl of out Connecticut but klutzy is forever, as Carrie proves because nothing says cool as a cucumber like almost running over your ex and his new girlfriend who just happens to be your nemesis. But who needs cool when klutzy can land you the bosses son, George (Richard Kohnke). Together they attend his mother, kicks “soiree” where Carrie’s lack of 212 area code marks her essentially as white trash, especially to Kick. That is however until she realizes she was a close friend of Carries mother before they moved out of the city. The contrast between Carries two worlds is still wildly apparent here but something about this felt so much more organic and in line with the other characters stories then in past episodes. Presumably it was the age appropriateness of party guest but then again it could’ve been the lack of art house vaginas. It’s really anyone’s guess.


Back in the burbs Mouse wants to release her inner sex-kitten because she’s plagued with the mortifying thought that she’s not good at “it” because she doesn’t know what she’s doing. So how do a nerdy girl and her closeted best friend learn moves to the horizontal mambo? A How-To tape of course! Which introduces the hilarious visual of a terrified Walt going behind the black curtain in the back corner of a video store and zipping past the dirty movies and heading straight to the instructional videos. Clarinets and the “I have a lot to cram in here before he gets here” (and after) comment aside the best part of the scene was seeing meek little mouse channel her inner Christina and stand up for her self against that infamous double-dipping double standard.

Then there was that other time this episode where someone backed into someone with a car. Maybe losing that ring isn’t such a bad thing Tom, because they only reason she’s not suing you is because it would make asking you out afterwards pretty awkward.

All of the characters this week braved new territory in some way or another and as Grace used to say sometimes change is good.

- Ashley Blackburn

By Ashley Blackburn

It's been a long time since Ashley vowed she could never love a man like she loved Pacey Witter but fortunately it wasn't long before that temptress known as television caused her eye to wander. This former east coaster moved to Toronto to certify her TV obsession with a degree in Television from Ryerson University and never left. Her current favorites are The Vampire Diaries, 30 Rock, Pretty Little Liars, and Parks & Rec (and just to prove she's not 14) Mad Men, Homeland, Breaking Bad and True Blood. Ok so maybe that last one didn’t help.

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