The Televerse #96- Rectify s1, The Fall s1, Top of the Lake, and B-Movie TV with Mo Ryan

Top of the Lake title card

We’re light on new TV on the podcast this week, so we decided it was time to take a look back at a few of the series that stood out earlier in the year. After talking through the week’s comedies, some genre fare, and checking in with SYTYCD, we welcome Maureen Ryan from the Huffington Post and Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan to the DVD Shelf to discuss Rectify season 1, The Fall season 1, and Top of the Lake, as well as the recent wave of what we’re calling B-Movie TV.

Our Week in Comedy (12:56-21:23): Family Tree, The Venture Bros., Wilfred, Gravity Falls
Our Week in Genre (21:56-40:16): Under the Dome, Siberia pilot, Make Kate Watch: Cult, SYTYCD
DVD Shelf (42:17-end): Rectify s1, The Fall s1, Top of the Lake, and B-Movie TV with Mo Ryan

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By Kate Kulzick

Kate is a violinist by day, TV-aholic by night, and film geek by somewhere around dawn. While attending UIUC, she earned a Masters Degree in Violin Performance and a Schrute Buck in a Pop Culture Trivia Contest; of the two, so far only the latter has hung on her wall. Her favorite movies are The Princess Bride, Casablanca, and The Third Man and her favorite TV shows are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Wire, and Arrested Development.

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